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7 more Side Hustles you can do to Make Extra Money

by Finance Spot

Most people could use a little bit more money, from time to time. Whether you’re trying to repay your student loans, planning your wedding, or saving for a deposit on your first home creating a rainy-day fund is easier when you’re earning a little extra cash

Your day job will still generate the money you need to pay for your essentials but running a side hustle from home can be the difference between struggling financially every month and having the freedom to do what you want.

The money you make outside your normal 9 to 5:00 job they’re meant to provide you with additional freedom to buy things you want, reduce your financial worries, and provide the freedom to pursue your passions.

Whether you want your side hustle to earn you a few hundred pounds a month or a few thousand pounds a month? This is up to you.

A side Hustle that can make you more money today, next week, or even in 5 to 10 years. in this article, we explore some of the better side hustles you might want to consider.

#1 Blogging

blogging side hustle

Writing a blog remains one of the top side hustles for people working from home or remotely anywhere in the world. It allows you to build your own personal brand. You can write about anything you want, blogging in a specific niche allows you to reach out to an audience who share your interests. Whether you’re writing about cars, travel, beauty, business, or yoga, making money blogging can happen in a few different ways. For example, you can use affiliate links to online stores, you can drop ship products, or you can set up your own store.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

As we mentioned previously blogging can be a profitable side hustle, it is one of those jobs that have the potential to provide long-term sustainable income. Having said that it tends to have a steep learning curve and may take many hours before you see a return on your investment. There’s more to affiliate marketing than just finding the right products, you must partner with a trustworthy brand. For example, if you start working with e-commerce stores it will be working on much lower commissions than you would if you were dropping shipping the products yourself. However, some affiliate marketing niches pay significant amounts to any affiliates that attract new customers

#3 Drop shipping

drop shipping as a side hustle

As you mentioned previously drop shipping is an excellent side hustle. It allows you to promote and sell products directly to customers without ever having to worry about investing in an inventory. This dramatically reduces your risk, as you don’t need to have a huge startup budget. Manufacturers not only stock the products, but they also ship them directly to the customers for you. Your business is to look after the sales, marketing, and customer service side. If you have a background in sales and marketing this could be the perfect side hustle to test your skill set.

#4 Sell Photography

If you possess some basic editing, Photoshop skills and high-quality camera photography could be an exciting side gig for you. Whether you’re taking pictures of products, local events, or cityscapes, selling them to bloggers or our local newspapers. You can even take advantage of the numerous different online platforms that allow people to sell photographs and they will pay you for every photograph you sell. Another way to use your skills is to add your photography to products such as phone cases, t-shirts, canvases, mugs etc. if you really want to push the boundaries you could start a pet photography or wedding photography business.

#5 Promoting and selling Information Products

To create a successful side hustle selling information products you will need marketing skills and patience, as you must invest time and research into these products. However, this is one of the growing side hustles that people are using to make money. Several niche topics are getting really popular. For example, if you identify a topic that seems to have a shortage of information, this provides an opportunity for you to monetize by creating relevant content about it. You can then either sell courses on websites like Udemy or even publish e-books on Amazon and start earning

#6 Meet the growing need for VA’s

Entrepreneurs and people who have successful side hustles all share one thing in common, their business reaches a point where they need additional help. The market for virtual assistants is growing, as opposed to working in a dedicated office space they can work from any remote location. Providing help for a wide range of tasks that vary from bookkeeping to social media even bookkeeping and administration needs. The demand for high-quality VAs successful business owners is growing year on year, even to the stage where virtual assistants now specialize in specific areas. It used to be a case that people hired virtual assistants to look after their customer service needs or social media. Now virtual assistants are taking on increased responsibilities even maintaining and growing recognized brands

#7 Become a freelancer

As more people are looking for Side Hustles You Can do to Make Extra Money, people are transitioning from 9 to 5 jobs that provided them with a reliable income. They are realising that this income is not what they need. And are looking for a side hustle level to generate more cash. If you have a specific skill set you use in your existing career there are many websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. where you can sell gigs. You can choose to specialize in one niche or if you have many skills you can set up a variety of different gigs. I know someone who’s selling T-shirts one week and managing people’s social media the next. If you have a wide variety of skills that people are looking for, the products and gigs that you can sell can vary dramatically. Don’t be surprised when your side hustle soon becomes a full-time freelancing gig.

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