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How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Penny

by Finance Spot

Regardless of how hard it is to save, many of us still want to treat ourselves every now and then, without spending a penny. As the old saying goes: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” With the money you can save on these little indulgences, you should be able to buy yourself something in just no time!

In this blog post, we will give you some ideas about what you can do to treat yourself without spending any money. We will also offer some suggestions about where that saved cash can go and help give it direction.

So without further ado, here are our top five ways to treat yourself without spending a penny!

Take Some Time Off

Treating yourself with a walk

We all work hard for our money so taking some time off and switching off from work is essential. How easy it can be to get caught up in the rat race and work 24/7. It is important to give yourself some time off now and then so you can start feeling refreshed again. Giving yourself a break will help you gain a new perspective on things when you return to work.

Although it can be difficult to do, putting in a full 40-hour week is not the only way to be successful in your career. People who work smart are usually the ones who find success. The ability to work hard when you need to and take time off when you feel like it can go a long way towards being happy with your career.

As well as giving yourself some time off, you should also consider treating yourself once in a while for going above and beyond at work. It might be worth talking to your boss about getting paid for overtime or offering to do some extra stuff that isn’t on your job description. It could be something as small as tidying up after yourself, which may seem like a small gesture but can go a long way towards forming an excellent workplace reputation.

Give Yourself Some Treats

Of course, you want to treat yourself and give yourself many little treats throughout the week. The idea is to spread the love amongst your favourite brands and not make it all about just one or two. This way you get to know what you do love and don’t love by trying a variety of things.

One way to treat yourself without spending any money is to try out new coffee shops and cafes. There are a lot of coffee shops popping up everywhere and although some can be pricey, others have excellent deals. By switching up where you get your morning cup of coffee, you can save money on drinks throughout the week. It might also be worth considering going for espressos or coffees made with less milk as they tend to be cheaper than other kinds of coffee drinks.

Another way to treat yourself without spending a penny is through free samples at shops in department stores or supermarkets. They will usually give you a little sample of something and if you like it, you can then go and buy that product. This way you get to try out new things for free.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Health

We all want to be as healthy as possible but it can be expensive to buy medicines when you get sick. If you are health conscious then you might want to get on the healthy-living bandwagon by joining a gym, going running, or taking on any other kind of activity that can keep your mind fit and healthy.

If you want to treat yourself without spending any money, then healthy eating can be a great way to get a treat. By drinking some green smoothies made with fruits and vegetables, you can make sure you are getting more vegetables into your diet. As well as that, making sure you eat a variety of healthy foods will help keep your mind fit and healthy.

If you are health conscious then it might be worth buying some supplements that can help you stay in shape. There are a lot of different things to buy and research before you decide on what supplements to purchase. If you are going to invest in any supplements, then it may be worth just buying something from the supermarket or chemist as opposed to online, where you may have less information.

Many people treat themselves by taking time off work or giving themselves little treats but we have included some healthy suggestions here as well!

Give Yourself Some Time Off For The Children

Even if you don’t have children, sometimes taking time off for the children is a great idea. Perhaps you have nieces or nephews. It can be difficult to take time off, especially if you are in a profession where you don’t get annual leave. However, if you do have some days off that are not related to annual leave, then it can be great to give yourself some time away from work.

spending time with family

One way of treating yourself without spending any money is taking the children bowling or going to pick up chippies. This is a great way of spending quality time with your children and making memories together as a family. There are many other ways of treating yourself and giving your children some extra time too. You could go for a walk in the park or make their favourite meal and sit down to watch their favourite movie in front of the TV.

Although it is always a good idea to save money and spend less on your family, there are benefits to treating yourself without spending any money. Spending quality time with your children when time is short can go a long way towards uniting your family. Although the world is more technological nowadays, spending some time together, without screens, will bond you all together.

Other great ways to treat yourself without spending money

  • Taking a walk – giving yourself some space to take in nature whether on your own or with family or friends, it’s a nice treat and can certainly help your wellbeing.
  • Eating out less – yes, it’s a sacrifice but cooking more at home can also be enjoyable and will save you ££
  • Cutting down on drinking alcohol or holding back on cigarettes – these might be considered as sins, indulgences or ‘your only vice’ but they are expensive – pull back a bit and rake in the savings you make as well as the health benefits this brings.

In conclusion, treating yourself without spending money can be a fun way to spend your free time. Although you may not be able to afford all those little things that you love, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try treating yourself.

Even if you have a lot of credit cards, there are still ways of getting free things throughout the week. By trying out some of our suggestions, you can view things differently and see if any work for you.

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