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Investing Apps to Help Master Your Portfolio

The two main kinds of investing apps, in reaching your goals are:

1. Apps that track investments
2. Apps for buying and selling investments

You will find both paid and free apps to help you manage your portfolio, whereas apps for buying and selling investments are usually free.

Below entails a couple to assist you in making the best choices for your investments.

Tracking Apps

Some key things to look out for in an excellent portfolio tracking app are that it works smoothly on your device, its quick and easy to enter your personal information, its user friendly and provides adequate information and tools to analyse and help you understand the range of different kinds of investments.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance is considered a premium tier platform to handle your portfolio. You can use it via the web or the app store, on IOS or Android. You get direct access to your portfolio information, i.e. the stocks you follow and important news from your own personalised front page.

To begin, you have the option of uploading your investment data, or manually entering the details.

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Despite being able to include a plethora of different investments that deal with stocks, you’ll be unable to input cash or bank books. For $49.99 per month, you receive outstanding information and charting, account metrics, research and investment ideas.


Sharesight can be accessed via IOS and Android systems, as well as on the web. Its basic tier is free, with its premium software starting at £11-£24 a month. The premium tier offers extra details, extra placements and added support. 

Once all your information is uploaded on to Sharesight, you can track all your stocks from 30 stock exchanges, worldwide. To make things easier, you can follow several asset classes, in anything from bonds, cryptocurrency, currency and property. This platform makes calculating your tax return easier. 

Morningstar Manager

Widely known for its consistent returns on asset allocation, fees and investments, Morningstar is a research alliance that is ideal for value investors. It is available on the play store, and app store, as well as web-based interfaces.  Uploading your data is simple and easy on both.

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However, if you’re looking for technical guidance, this is not the software for you. The free basic tier can give you access to news and alerts, whilst allowing you to manage no more than five portfolios. The premium tier gives you a far more detailed analysis of your portfolios, running in depth research in no more than ten portfolios at a time. The highest tier comes in at around £29 per month, or £159 a year.

Apps to Invest with

You will have to manage the different options that these kinds of platforms offer, between fees, scale of alternatives, and customer service ratings. Keep an eye on these things to ensure you’re picking the right software for you and your portfolios.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the most popular investment platforms in the UK, with easy to use on IOS, web and Android systems. 

It is a premium service with an equally premium price. This high scale product offers a wide selection of services to assist in managing your portfolio. You are given detailed analysis, trading with shares and funds, a full and well-regarded customer service. You even have the option of linking other accounts on different platforms.

Prices start from £11.95, with 0.45% of your funds annual revenue being deducted as user fees.


Revolut has risen to popularity and become one of the most used UK financial apps amongst the younger generations. It boasts an easy to use web, android and IOS system. 

In terms of fees, Revolut is on the low end, with low services in comparison to other platforms. Regardless, a basic tier allows you a certain number of complimentary trades per month, unlimited complimentary currency exchange, and access to five cryptocurrencies. 

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Premium tiers, with added features will cost around £6.99 or £12.99 a month.

This is the platform for you if you’re looking to invest in a restricted limit of 300 US stocks or foreign exchange. Nonetheless, don’t expect excellent customer service or in-depth research.


Stake gives access to a huge 3,500 American stocks and exchange traded funds (ETF’s), through a flawless IOS and Android app. A UK compatible web page is in development.  Your US funds can be simply transferred into Stake.

The free account offers you generous uncapped free trades, whereas the $9 or $19 a month accounts give you far more trading addons, and extensive customer help. International transfers are priced at 0.5%.

Stake is easy to navigate for beginners, offering some fantastic newsletters and blogs to keep you informed on the latest trading updates. 


Whether you’re new to investing, or know the ropes well, there are so many investing apps to choose from, so sign up for one today. So, you can get the best information on managing your portfolio, like never before!

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