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Want To Use a Chatbot to Enhance Your Business? Here Are Ten Features To Consider

Harnessing technology to enhance your business has never been easier, and a chatbot is one of the best things to use. Chatbots provide you with an ideal virtual engagement tool, allowing you to give customers information, answer their questions, and promote your products.

The secret to a successful chatbot is to design it with features that let it stand out from the crowd. Here are the features we believe will enable your chatbot to enhance your business.

Easy to Navigate

Your customers need to be able to move around your chatbot quickly and easily. If they become frustrated with the chat, or navigation, you might lose them for good, so make things easy for them.

Easy navigation comes from clear, well-defined signs for content, communication, and exit. It is better to provide your customer with a straightforward means of moving around the chatbot, or leaving it, as they will be more likely to return than if they become frustrated..

Conversational Style

If customers know they are communicating with a robot, it can make many feel a little awkward. That is why you must pay attention to how your chatbot sounds. Its tone of voice and conversational style can convince customers that they are engaging with a sophisticated piece of artificial intelligence. The style, of course, depends on your audience and product; a business user might not appreciate the same informality that a teenage audience would. 

Understanding of Humans

There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeat commands or information to a chatbot. Like with confusing navigation, this frustration can lose customers for good. So, your chatbot needs to be able to understand and process everything the user is saying. 

Natural language processing is an artificial intelligence that uses linguistics to process information received from users and offer relevant responses. Learning from linguistics in this way means that the chatbot can give users a more considerable amount of freedom in what they say.

Good Design

Your chatbot should be designed so that it is clean, clear, and attractive. To provide maximum user experience, everything needs to be self-evident, leaving no doubt about what the user is expected to do. 

Consider fine details such as font, button colours, and layout. These things should be consistent across all areas of the chatbot, keeping things flowing. Popular messaging applications will give you an idea of good design, as these are already designed for flowing communication.


Give your chatbot the ability to personalise the user’s experience. When the user gives their name, the chatbot should respond with their name after that. The same applies to other personal details, such as location, interests, etc. Personalisation will make the user feel more welcome, and they will have a higher regard for your chatbot.


Your customers will be disclosing personal details to your chatbot, so there needs to be an appropriate security level. Not only do you need to maintain the security of your customers’ data, but you also need to inform them how you will treat their data. This policy needs to be set out clearly, and be easily accessible.

Multi-Platform Support

Your customers are going to be using a variety of devices and platforms to access your chatbot. You should know the type of devices your customers are likely to use and make sure your chatbot caters to them. If you have completed good customer profiling, this should be straightforward. Think about future-proofing your chatbot, for instance designing it for easy integration into social media, if you do not include this in your initial design.


Depending on your customers, you might have to offer multiple languages on your chatbot. Even if your current audience is UK-based or from English-speaking countries, you might want to expand into territories where a different language is spoken. 

Chatbots are an excellent tool for this type of expansion. A basic translation of your website content is not enough; customers want to engage in their preferred language.

Let The Customer Have Their Say

Feedback is all-important for engagement with your customers, and it also allows you to glean valuable information about how to improve your chatbot and services. Programme your chatbot to request feedback on completion of each conversation, but make sure it is a quick and straightforward process for the customer.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Integration

Use your chatbot as part of your CRM system to collect details of leads, and build profiles for potential customers. A useful chatbot should continuously be updating your customer database with new information about new and existing customers.


Consider these features when you design and develop your chatbot. Your audience should be at the forefront of your mind as you build, and concentrate on the features that will benefit them most. Doing this will give you a chatbot that engages your audience, and helps convert more of your site’s visitors into paying customers.

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