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Need A Little Extra Money For The Festive Period? Here Are Some Tips For Earning Quick Christmas Cash

by Finance Spot

As Christmas approaches, many people start to look for ways of making a little extra money to see them through their extra spending on presents, celebrations, decorations, and the additional utilities that get used at this time of year. Having some additional cash also means that you will avoid falling into credit card debt in the New Year. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for making extra money, both via the internet and in the physical world. Here are a few ways for you to make some quick Christmas cash.

Online Micro-Tasking

Micro-tasks are quick and easy jobs such as completing surveys, proofreading, online research, etc. They may not pay much, but you can do these tasks in your spare time, during a break in your regular job, or even while relaxing at home. Being able to complete these tasks from home is particularly beneficial during COVID-19 lockdowns.

If you’ve got digital skills like programming, graphic design, web development, and so on, Fiverr is an excellent platform to try. Basic ‘gigs’ start at $5, which is around £3.80, but can rise depending on your skills.

There are a host of other similar sites offering micro-tasks, including:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk. Tasks on this site range from moderating online content to transcribing audio files. Many of the jobs pay very little, so ensure that you sign up for those that are quick and straightforward to complete. 
  • Crowdology. Surveys, focus groups, interviews, and the like are the tasks you will find here.
  • Clickworker. If you work fast, you can make around $10 ($7.50) an hour writing and processing tasks.
  • IntelliZoom. Earn $10 ($7.50) reviewing and rating websites.

These sites all share some significant advantages, it is quick and easy to get paid. They also have low minimums for receiving your money.

Sell Your Spare Stuff

Using the time before leading up to Christmas to clear out cupboards and shelves of things you no longer need is good for getting organised. It also allows you to gather the stuff you don’t need and sell it for some extra cash.

There are plenty of places where you can turn your unwanted stuff into cash. Preloved, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace provide opportunities to sell everything from sports equipment to furniture. 

photo of lady holding box and typing on laptop

eBay is an excellent site for selling collectibles, as their online auctions can get you the best price. For clothing, try using some of the many used-clothing applications. One such app is Depop, which specialises in vintage clothing. Another one, Vinted, caters for more up-market clothing brands, including Zara.

Do Deliveries

Deliveries of all types of products have risen during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people have been forced to stay indoors and online shopping has increased. 

You can benefit from this increase in demand by doing deliveries. Companies such as Ocado, Morrisons, Deliveroo, Tesco, and Amazon always need people to make deliveries, and you can earn around £9 per hour for your efforts. UberEats and other food delivery companies offer slightly more.


Having a little extra money for the festive period can help you have a more relaxing and enjoyable time. It can also remove the risk of you suffering a financial hangover in the New Year. Hopefully these tips will help you earn a bit of Quick Christmas Cash.

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